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The most famous Slovenian milk brand was established in 1967, and is best known for its prolonged durability without the use of preservatives. Thus, tradition and quality are values that should be present on a website at all times.

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While working on Alpsko Mleko’s redesign, one of the main challenges was to effectively showcase the brand's unique selling points, such as their premium quality milk products sourced from Alpine regions, and their commitment to sustainable farming practices. In addition, we had to ensure that the website was fully optimized for search engines so that potential customers could easily find the website.

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Another challenge was to create a design that aligned with the brand's image and values, while also being visually appealing and engaging for users.

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To effectively showcase Alpsko Mleko's unique selling points, we created a section on the website highlighting premium quality milk products and sustainable farming practices. We used a clean, modern design with high-quality visuals and incorporated elements, such as alpine landscapes, to reinforce their brand identity.

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Final thoughts

Alpsko Mleko is the strongest brand on the Slovenian market and as such, we had a great responsibility to deliver a superior digital presence it deserves. In a collaborative effort with Internavti, a digital agency from Slovenia, we transformed the old and outdated website into an exceptional visual experience.



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