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Bakery Dubravica


Dubravica is a high-end bakery with quality products. After a rebrand, we needed to make a matching website. The main idea was to design a modern and visually impressive website which not only presents the company and its products, but lets users 'scroll' through the long history of how the bakery became what it is today.

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While creating a website for Dubravica we tried to find the perfect balance between design and functionality. Our main goal was to create a visually appealing website that accurately reflected the bakery's brand aesthetic, while also being user-friendly and providing all necessary information, such as bakery history, store locations and recipes.

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Improving the website's visibility and ranking on search engines like Google was also a challenge. We had to implement search engine optimization strategies to attract more potential customers to the site.

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To tackle the challenge of design and layout, we combined current web design trends with a clean, visually appealing aesthetic and simple navigation. For effective content management, we organized information into clear categories with concise language for accessibility.

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“North2 have created a website that perfectly reflects our emphasis on premium products. Working with them is effective and simple, fulfilling all our ideas and requirements, and the result is a top quality website. With every new idea, we are always happy to call them again.”
MAJA RACA, Dubravica

Final thoughts

We've enjoyed the process of the creation of Bakery Dubravica's new website. Our design and development process was made easier with a very professional approach and attainability of great branding materials, high quality images and copy.



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