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Case 3D is a proptech company from Serbia, Novi Sad, which provides technology that makes home buying intelligent and seamless. We were asked to create a new presentation website. From the start of the project, we knew we wanted to create an absolutely stunning website. Our client's willingness to give us total creative freedom was crucial, and boosted our motivation to produce something unseen at the time.

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The challenge was to enhance the website's visual appeal, make it distinctive, and present the stunning technology that they developed as a proptech company. We aimed to create a unique storytelling experience for visitors while scrolling through the Case3D website. Implementing the scroll effect integrated with 3D elements gives the user a feeling of the journey from the bird's view of the master plan to the apartment. A high level of technical expertise was required to ensure that the features worked seamlessly together and provided an exceptional user experience.

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Case3D's impressive portfolio of projects speaks for itself.  Our main goal for the portfolio page was to keep it clean and simple

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We conducted extensive research and analysis to ensure that the website's content and aesthetics resonate with users across different cultures and regions. We collaborated closely with Case3D and presented their portfolio of projects in a visually stunning and informative manner, effectively communicating the key features and benefits of their products and services.

Final thoughts

Having a trusting client is a highly motivating factor, which is always a guarantee that the project will turn out to be great. When the client is also a perfectionist, collaboration is a breeze. The best aspect of such projects is that breaking out of the comfort zone improves the complete team.



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