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Cedevita, an instant multivitamin drink present in homes for more than 45 years, is one of the most popular and vital Croatian brands. We were asked to  create two websites: one was to completely transform the old, outdated official website of Cedevita. The second was a website for their new product,  the Cedevita Go bottle.

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During the creation of both websites for Cedevita, one of the primary difficulties was creating a design that visually represented the brand while keeping in mind that the website was  mobile responsive. Another significant challenge was implementing effective SEO strategies that could increase a website's visibility on search engines and attract potential customers. Finally, we had to balance the need for a visually appealing website with the need for fast loading times and good website performance, which was a delicate balance.

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We tested the website extensively across different devices to ensure that it functioned well at  various screen sizes and resolutions. Regarding SEO, we optimized the website's structure, layout, and content for search engines, ensuring that potential customers could easily find the website when searching for relevant terms. To build up faster loading times, we used  optimized images and streamlined code to reduce the load time of the website.




Everything looks better when in motion. That's why we decided to make a 3D video presentation of the innovative Cedevita "Go" bottle. 

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Final thoughts

It is always great to work on projects where creativity can be unleashed. The Cedevita International website is a perfect example where we could do just that. In addition to all the fun we had with some innovative animations and unusual navigation, we had fun while working on the storyboard and production of the intro video.



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