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ORYX is a high-quality European Assistance company with a handful of innovations. We were asked to redesign and create a new modern website that would best present their services.


ORYX’s new website needs to reflect its commitment to being fast, agile, and innovative by effectively communicating the same through its design and content. ORYX Assistance desired a website that would reflect their forward-thinking approach and modern outlook, as well as provide an exceptional user experience.

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We wanted to make sure that the nine services they offer were presented to the viewer as though they were in the palm of their hand, so we used a - nonagon. Every service is easily accessible, and low-poly illustrations are directly related to their visual identity.

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After conducting research, workshops, and proposals, we created a website that utilizes 3D elements and motion to enhance the best user experience. We used the latest web technologies to create a visually striking and modern design while also ensuring that the site was easy to navigate and use.

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What other say

“Final aim of ORYX Assistance project was company's presentation to potential partners in 8 foreign markets. We envisioned an effective digital presentation of ORYX Assistance brand & our values with the vast array of products we offer. North2 was a perfect match for this project! They are a team of highly skilled creative professionals with great communication skills always willing to go the extra mile. They delivered outstanding results with ease.”
Toni Serdarusic, Digital Media Specialist

Final thoughts

The opportunity to work alongside a company offering advanced all-in-one services has inspired us to create a website that truly shines. The process involved a delightful mix of challenges and fun.



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