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Skira is architectural lighting studio. They make an innovative, groundbreaking, out of the box luminaires and lighting effects. Skira’s unique style of lighting the architecture was the main focus of the website. The best way we could present client’s character was to make a website which showcase Skira’s work with lights! The Landing page consist of the boxes that while hovering show his work in a best way.

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We initially struggled to gain a clear understanding of Skira Lighting Studio's requirements and vision expectations. It took us thorough communication and collaboration to understand completely the expectations on this site. Added on that Skira had an extensive portfolio of projects, making it challenging to organise the content in a logical and user-friendly manner.

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Implementing effective categorisation and filtering options was crucial to help users easily find the information they needed. Also, we created a user-friendly and flexible CMS for Skira's team to manage and update website content easily. Regarding the visual expectations we tried balancing visual appeal with functionality while ensuring intuitive navigation. This required us multiple iterations and continuous feedback from the client but we made the website that we are truly proud of.

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Final thoughts

Sometimes things just come together. If you look at their work, it is enlightening how such a simple thing as light can make everything beautiful. It really might take your breath away.


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