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SofaScore is a live sport result and statistic portal and mobile app with more than 50 million active users worldwide. We were asked to develop a new branding strategy for SofaScore. That included the name of the brand + the full brand identity.

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The goal was to create a visual identity and messaging that would communicate the app's core values and help it stand out in a crowded market. The basis of any product or service is a catchy and descriptive name. We got to work and after some extensive research, the name SofaScore slipped out of the creative box and it really caught the ear of the client. We agreed it was the perfect solution for a worldwide service.

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For an improved UX and easier navigation we custom designed icons for supported sports.

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Final thoughts

What a fun project to be part of! We immediately hit it off with the client and are proud that our little contribution led to SofaScore becoming one of the leading live sports score systems in the world.

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