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The best-rated Croatian business school among private and public universities in the field of economics and management. Their website needed some rework to better present their courses and optimised access to information for their students. An added request was to showcase the beauty of Zagreb and Croatia to the rest of the world.

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Information architecture: challenge we faced was organising the vast amount of information in the menu in a way that was easy to comprehend and navigate. We had to create categories and subcategories that made sense to the user, while also considering the complexity of the information. Making the mega menu responsive was also a challenge. We had to ensure that the menu worked well on all screen sizes and devices, including mobile and tablet devices.

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Overall, creating a mega menu that had good UX was a complex task that required collaboration and attention to detail. However, with careful planning and testing, we were able to create a menu that was both visually appealing and easy to use.

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Final thoughts

This was a website for a business school. As such, cleanness of design and optimized access to information was the goal. The added animations, here and there, bring the site to life (and we think we got the amount right - without going overboard).



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